The History of Mililani and Its Constant Growth

Mililani was founded by Samuel Northrup Castle and Amor Starr Cooke in 1851; it was one of Castle &

Cooke’s plantation fields. Oahu’s great demand for affordable housing sprouted the birth of Mililani. It

was June 3, 1968 when a total of 112 houses were first offered for purchase.

Mililani, no matter how small, has its own golf course, shopping centers, schools, and parks. The famous

Mililani Golf Club is open for everyone to use. It was said to have 6,455-yard course. The Mililani also has

a Technology Park; it is a campus-like park which was built mainly for high technology industries. Mililani

has its own town association that requires homeowners to pay their dues. People have always viewed

Mililani as a modern suburban town in America.

In 1976, the H-2 interstate opened which shortened the travel time to and from Honolulu. It was named

All-American City in 1986 and is said to be the only community in Hawaii that received this distinction so


April 6, 1990 was when a new portion of Mililani sprouted. It was built to be a more upscale community

at the east of the H-2 interstate. Mililani, as how it is now called, had its first residents moved

into the new community in 1992.

Mililani Town (older portion), however, is to the west of the H-2 interstate.

In2003, Honolulu’s curbside recycling program made Mililani as its pilot site. In 2005, Mililani was said to

be one of the best places to live in the United States. Mililani also ranked the 3rd wealthiest zip code

(96789) in Hawaii State in 2006; this was according to Pacific Business News.

Callman Au, one of the five salesmen that began selling the first houses of Mililani said that there are

roughly 40-45 thousand people living in Mililani now.

According to Au, the cheapest home was sold for 25,000 dollars and was 884 square feet. The rest

ranged from 25,000 and up. The most expensive ones were sold for 35,000 dollars; these are the ones

with 4 bedroom houses.

The 47 year old planned Mililani worked and continues to grow until today.

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