The guiding light of Mililani: Education

As the famous saying by Allan Bloom goes, education is the journey that takes you from darkness to

light. This represents the status our Mililani community gives for education. We believe that the flourish

of the city solely depends on the ones who wish to make a difference by using education as a tool.

The authorities keep tracking the statistics of education city-wide and state-wide. According to a state-

wide survey, the percentage of students who have completed high school in Mililani is 4.4% greater than

the percentage of Mililani Hawaii. That is a wonderful achievement in the journal of Mililani events, as it proves

our community’s enthusiasm and encouragement toward building a better community with education.

The Mililani living style doesn’t differentiate between female and male and give them similar rights to

pursue their dreams and aspirations in the field of education. As the census reports states, the number

of females who pursue a bachelor’s degree is slightly higher than the number of males. Similarly, the

male high school diploma graduates are slightly more than the female graduates of the similar category.

Not only that, the figure of male and female master’s degree holders are equal in number.

The overall number of schools in our metropolis is nine. Out of which, seven are public schools that

come under the Hawaii Department of education and 2 private schools. Education in Mililani is

encouraged from the budding stages. The community has the option to choose from eleven preschools,

seven elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. The best part is that, all schools

take part in the many Mililani that take place year round. This help in developing the social skills

of students and brings a bit of fun into their school lives. We believe that education can turn mirrors into

windows and the prosperous Mililani community is a proof to second it.

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