Mini Mililani – Local Mililani Living on Oahu

Have you ever seen a life-sized mascot strolling inside a mall and greeting the shoppers?

It usually resembles a character from a particular store or establishment. Companies produce a

mascot in order to have an appealing representation of their products. Are you familiar with

the one whose colors are red and yellow, which has wings and pointed butt? Does the name

Jollibee appear in your mind? Yes, it is just one of the most famous mascots in the world. On

that note, there is this place wherein having a mascot is highly suggested. It is no Jollibee, but a

Mililani mascot of its own.

Mililani, in Hawaii, sits in the heart of Oahu Island between two volcanic ranges, north of

Honolulu.The area was a plantation field back then until it was developed by some institutions.

It has established schools, parks, shopping centers, and other recreational areas. Mililani is

considered a suburban town.

After having an overview about Mililani, let us stress out the aforementioned suggestion

– a Mililani mascot. To start off, Mililani basically needs a mascot for representation. It will

represent the town and the other parts of it to the other places not just in Hawaii but also in

other countries. Next, the town is relatively small compared to the other parts of Hawaii.

Having an alluring yet an appropriate mascot would be a great step towards the town’s

progress in terms of identity. It might as well help in coping up with other Hawaiian places

despite its size and population. Lastly, a mascot will help the town to have places in the trade

and business industry. Since Mililani would already be heard by other investors because of its

mascot, then investments would probably come along the way. Mililani Town will then be an

upgraded town of Hawaii.

Back then, Mililani was acknowledged by the Money Magazine as a very suitable place

to live in the United States. What an achievement, right? For a plantation field turned into a

very comfortable town to live in. That recognition happened even without a mascot. So, how

much more if there would be one for Mililani? It is not necessarily a Jollibee-like or a McDonald-

like mascot, but it should be one that embodies the characteristics of the town. Inhabitants of

the town would then proudly say, “Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly bring you, Mini Mililani!”

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