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I have been living in New York for the past six years. It’s during times and weather like this (flat

broke after paying rent, in very, very cold weather even though it’s supposed to be springtime) that I

miss home.

Mililani is a city in the Island of O’ahu. Wikipedia calls it a ‘bedroom community’ for Honolulu, which

is… more or less correct, I guess. Mililani really is a residential area, after all, and most of its

residents commute to Honolulu for work. I wouldn’t know personally about that. I moved to New York

City with my mother two months after high school.

But I remember traveling up to the mililani a lot with my friends when I used to live there

(Momma driving us, of course; she was chill like that). Shaved ice at Matsumoto’s was a favorite

treat while growing up; playing at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park afterwards, then swimming–or at least

trying to. The current was usually too strong for my friends and I, so we just stayed in the shallows or

by the shore to watch turtles most of the time, making up stories about how they got their shells and

stuff. That changed as we got older, of course. We learned how to surf and swim over time (living in

Hawaii where you’re twenty minutes from the beach, it would be an embarrassment if you didn’t

learn to at least float and dog-paddle), but I was more of a swimmer than a surfer. I still liked turtles,

after all; in fact, I liked them so much my friends finally, fondly gave me a nickname: Turt. Hi, Turt!

Here’s your ice cream, Turt; it’s starting to melt though, better hurry and eat it. Turt, get your shell

over here and surf with us! Turt, race you to the shore; bet you can’t win, you’re a Turt after all! Aww,

Turt. Why New York? We’ll miss you. Take care. Write. Call. Facebook. Whatever. Just keep in

touch, Turty.

Well, that’s it for memory lane today. I need to fix the heater in my apartment. It’s getting ridiculously

cold out here. Mililani, I miss you.

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