Employment info of Mililani

Mililani, the city situated in the heart of the Oahu Island, is blessed with plantation fields. Apart from

that, the city has many community parks for children and adults alike. This is good for the health

conscious people who are planning on working in Mililani and are looking into the benefits of Mililani


Moving onto employment, the income per person is $34,145 which is more compared to the income per

person of Hawaii which is $29,227. Not only that, the household income of Mililani residents is reported

to be $92,656 which is more compared to that of Hawaii. Additionally, the city’s unemployment rate is

1.3% lower than the unemployment rate of Hawaii. For females who are searching for jobs, the most

common industries to work in are the Education and health industry which are flourishing day by day;

whereas for males, the most common sector is the public administration. Not only that, families looking

to make a move will not be disappointed because the cost of living in Mililani is very affordable

compared to the expenses of living in Hawaii. This is a big plus since there wouldn’t be any hefty

financial constraints added. The education provided here is also exceptional and proves to produce a

better percentage of graduate students than that of Honolulu or Hawaii. This will lead to a good future

for the Mililani people. They value education and they value their future. There are a lot of opportunities

that await you, should you decide to stay in Mililani for good. It will never run out of employment

opportunities since the country is having a healthy economy and many businessmen and investors flock

in the vicinity due to its strategic location and exceptional workforce.

These cheerful Mililani bring the community together, no matter the age. If you are thinking of

making a move to Mililani, I would encourage you to do it as it is a safe, homey and entertaining city to

be in. if you are already a Mililani, then I must say that you are as lucky as I am.

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Employment info of Mililani
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